The Yerevan Haybusak University in line with its mission to provide top quality education to the students, subscribes to a large number of periodicals/magazines and book.  The library consists of more than 20000 books in Medicine and other general subjects.  The books are issued to students for self-study for a specified number of days. Furthermore the collection of the books in constantly upgraded.   YEREVAN HAYBUSAK UNIVERSITY IS A MEMBER OF REPUBLICAN SCIENTIFIC MEDICAL LIBRARY OF ARMENIA  RSML is one of the country’s leading library, bibliographic and information services center to the medical community of Armenia. The main focus of RSML activ­ity is information services for medical professionals of the country with available traditional and modern refer­ence systems, publishing, guidance in the network and professional development of medical librarians, automation of document processing and searching.    WHO DOCUMENTATION CENTER In 1994 the RSML was granted the status of WHO documentation center. The library receives WHO documents, monographs, bulletins, information letters and periodicals. The main task of the center is to collect and disseminate this valuable information to the doctors and physicians of the county.   LIBRARY SERVICES The RSML provides library and information services to the medical students clinicians, researchers, pr ofessors and nurses of the country. *      Interlibrary loan (ILL) From 2002 the RSML was granted ARIEL station for Interlibrary Loan (ILL). The Interlibrary Lending Service provides access to the extensive holdings of health and medical materials at the Weill Cornell Medical Library and Russian Central Scientific Medical Library (RCSML). Users may request full texts of periodical articles, conference papers, book chapters, thesis and reviews.  *      Information searches The RSML librarian performs biomedical information searches and provides the user with the list of references to journal articles on needed topic. Information searches performed by the librarian will save the time and efforts of the users. *     Mailing list The RSML provides information by mailing list. The users can get the latest and most read news of the world in the field of biomedicine. RSML also informs the library’s news via mailing list. *      Workshops and classes The RSML provides important classes and workshops for the health professionals and medical librarians. The aim of the classes is to train to utilize the library and Internet resources.