We have a successful practice of instructing vast numbers of overseas students from all over the world. Our staff and students make sure to create a pleasant multicultural environment and to produce the best results in both home and overseas student instruction. We have a special department dealing with overseas students which you can contact at haybusakdeanoffice@gmail.com  any time you wish. You can also call directly to +374-9335-2832,  +374-55-39-78-91  or  +374-91-40-80-18

What are the languages of instruction at the Yerevan Haybusak University?

The languages of instruction at Haybusak University are Armenian, Russian, and English. You can choose your language of instruction when filling out your application form, or change it during the academic year if your language of instruction turns out to present difficulties. We have qualified staff members who deliver classes in English or Russian for our overseas students so as to minimize the difficulties during instruction. Final examinations can also be held in English, and the Diploma is officially translated into the three languages together with all the academic certificates and other documents issued by the Yerevan Haybusak University.

How do I know if your degree is accepted in my country?

Armenia is a member of the Bologna treaty, and the Yerevan Haybusak University abides by the accepted European standards for Higher Education. In most countries, a foreign degree needs to be validated or confirmed by the corresponding authorities. This is a standard procedure which requires several official documents from the overseas University. The Yerevan Haybusak University provides its graduates with all the necessary documents and academic certificates in order to ensure a successful validation of its degrees in foreign countries. All the Universities of the Yerevan Haybusak University are state-accredited Universities, which is a crucial condition for the overseas recognition of our diplomas. You can apply for academic certificates and state accreditation documents at any moment after graduation, even if several years have passed, you can still receive all the necessary documents to validate your degree in your home country.

What accommodation is available for overseas students?

There are two options of accommodation for overseas students. The first is to rent a flat nearby the Campus (many students prefer to share flats  as soon as this seems to be an economically favorable option comparatively to one-person rent); the second is to apply for a room in the student hostel. There soon will be a third option available: we plan to build a modern and comfortable student residence complex near the Campus, which will offer comfortable and inexpensive accommodation to our students.

Where can I find information on tuition fees? Are there any additional costs related to tuition?

The information on tuition fees can be found on the respective pages of the Faculties. We offer the lowest prices for the highest education!

There are no additional costs except for the official tuition fee. Your tuition fee will not change during the whole period of study, even if a higher tuition rate is established for the coming years. We guarantee that your fees will remain the same until your graduation.

What is the duration of a full degree course at Yerevan Haybusak University?

Name of the Course  Duration of Course
General Medicine  (Specialist program),  MD (Armenian, Russian  and English Languages) 6 years
Dentistry (Specialist program), DMD (Armenian, Russian and English Languages) 5 years
Pharmacy (Bachelor program) Ba of Pharmacy  (Armenian, Russian  and English Languages) 5 years
Pharmacy (Master program) Ma of Pharmacy  (Armenian, Russian  and English Languages) 2 years
IT (Bachelor program) Ba of Pharmacy  (Armenian, Russian  and English Languages) 4 years
Preparatory course (for applicants who don’t demonstrate  enough  English Language skills ) 1 year


What are the entrance requirements? Do I have to take an entrance exam?

In order to be admitted, you need to provide a certificate of secondary education or its equivalent for your home country. The certificate must be translated into English.

Foreign applicants are regularly admitted based on oral  language test results.

In case of negative results of English,  (or Russian or Armenian Language test foreign applicants can be  admitted on  preparatory  language course.

Can I apply online?

To apply online, please fill in the online application form and submit it by the 15th of August  (form).

Please note you will also be asked to send us the following documents by snail mail or submit them in person before you can take the entrance test:

— Certificate on prior education (secondary school, high school, university courses)

— 4 passport photographs

— Copy of your passport or ID, translated into English, Armenian or Russian.

When does the academic year begin?

The academic year in Armenia begins on September 1st for all universities according to the legislation. Please make sure you get to Yerevan by the end of August to finish all the formal procedures before the course starts.

Do I need a visa? How can I get it?

The visa requirements depend on your nationality. Our foreign students department will be glad to answer all your questions in detail. You can also consult the official websites of the Armenian Embassy or Consulate in your country. For further information, please contact  directly  Dr.Narine  Martirosyan,     (tel. +374-93-35-28)  or +374-91-40-80-18  or write    haybusakdeanoffice@gmail.com 

Can I be  admitted on  Preparatory  Language Course?

In case of negative results of English,  (or Russian or Armenian) Language test foreign applicants can be  admitted on  preparatory  language course.

Duration of  Preparatory Course is 10 months.  Program includes  Foreign Language, Armenian Language and 2 subjects by specialty.

The graduates of preparatory course are enrolled to University without passing admission exams and interview.